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The secret to feeling good, revealed! - We are like caller tunes

As I was getting ready this morning in front of the mirror, a thought struck my mind that, aren’t we all like caller tunes? Now the thought can create a debate that how can a living being be compared to a non-living being. Let’s discuss this & draw some similarities.  Caller Tunes are the songs which are chosen by us as per our choice, which reflects our personality. We even pay a monthly rental for it but the strange thing is that we pay for it & people calling us enjoy the same. So let’s look at ourselves & think how are we like caller tunes. We wake up in the morning and put in a lot of effort to groom ourselves like the makeup, hairdo, clothing by standing in front of the mirror. Now once we leave the mirror, others look at us & enjoy our looks. While we put in all the effort, others have the fun. Now why should only others have all the fun? After all, we are living beings with emotions & also deserve to enjoy ourselves. How can we do that? Well the natural quality…