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Is your anger like Soda Water or Fevicol?

An interesting topic, you may have read about anger already.
Things like
•Anger is bad
•It causes blood pressure
•It leads to heart attack
•It can lead to loss of concentration, etc.
We know all this, don’t we? So we will not look at what you know but what you need to ponder upon.
The two items mentioned above i.e. Soda Water and Fevicol also needs a thought over.
Let’s look at each of the items and dive into our own outlook.
Soda Water
This is a drink which has a fizz to it into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved. When we open up the soda bottle, we see the gas fizzing out of it and the water being left inside thebottle. Soda has its ill effects on the teeth, which we use to chew our food before it goes into thestomach. The soda leads to the erosion of the teeth as it makes the teeth weak.

Fevicol (A well know glue)

It is a glue, which has been in the Indian market for a long time as a trusted brand to stick various things. It is a white adhesive paste which is used for b…


Do you or have you ever heard yourself or anyone else speak

the sentence “I need a change”. So what do we do when we

feel like that?
Let’s look at a few reasons why change is required      1)For Harmonious Relationships      2)For Dealing with Situations      3)For Better Health      4)For going from CAN I to I CAN attitude
The first step is to identify the reasons and then decide on what

influences us to not make the changes which are required for a

better life. I am sure that you may also face the question like

Why Me?

I don’t get irritated or angry without any reason. He/She does

something I don’t like which makes me react. I will change

only if he/she changes himself/herself.

Question's to ask yourself
     Is reacting or getting angry changing the situation?      Has any war in the world ever been won by

aggression?      Is it easier to change others or myself?

5 stories that will change the way you use mobile phone

Do you ever wish that you were a mobile phone? I am sure at the rate with which the mobile phones have entered our lives and disturbed our relationships you would definitely love to be a mobile phone.

Mobile phones came into our lives and changed the way we communicate. I feel that it was made to ease communication and to add mobility. It could also be made, keeping in mind a way to track your loved one. Who knew that someday it would increase the distances between our relationships and take us mentally away from the loved ones. It has created such a big gap in our relationships and our thoughts that it sometimes becomes more important even during a family function, outing, etc.

Can we say that it has become like a family member? We eat, sleep, walk, play, talk, work but the constant companion in all these activities is our mobile phone. Let’s look at a few examples and you may get a clue of the invasion it has made.

A Child’s Voice

Rita was planning an outing with her friends at a mall. …