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Mother Child Relationship

I am sure that with Mother’s Day coming up on 8-May-16, all the kids and mothers must be excited and you must be excited too. Everyone loves their mothers and there is no doubt about that. I don’t see a single reason why we would not love her? You must have also heard that since GOD could not reach everywhere so he made mothers who could be just like him and take care of his creation. Well even our mothers are his creation but I am always surprised at the kind of power that they have which drives them right until the last day of their lives. They are simply irreplaceable.

So in short can we say that mothers are GOD – Part II? That is what I feel as far as mothers universally are concerned. Some Qualities of GOD – Part II

       ·Brings us to life after 9 months of struggle ·Is more excited at our birth than anyone else ·We are more expensive and valuable then even her basic wishes ·She is a mind reader when we are hungry or need something ·She is the vault of core values which she imbibes in …