Thursday, 14 July 2016

Have we become like Talking Tom?


A picture speaks a thousand words.

Looks like even Talking Tom is thinking whether we humans have become like him? Imagine a cat thinking like that.

The 2 of the most loved pets in the houses these days are dogs and cats.
While I have already discussed about the dogs in my previous blog posts, I thought that why should the cat be left behind. So are we ready to even think about how can a human being become like a cat, when we say that humans are more superior than animals.

Well you will be surprised at the comparisons and would be compelled to think.

The Talking Tom game has evolved quite a bit from the time it has got launched and may have many more options now. However I would like to compare 3 things.

Comparison 1

Talking Tom

When we talk something to Talking Tom, it hears and responds back to us the same things that we speak. It’s like having a parrot in front of you. It feels funny to hear back the same thing being said by a cat.


Since we are superior and have been given brains, let do some human analysis.


1)  Imagine, someone shouting at us and we shout back, especially if it’s
     our junior or someone we consider to be weak.Well, in case of our
     bosses we may not be able to shout back but we definitely give him
     some foul words back, inside our heads.

Did you know: Thoughts travel faster than words. That’s why your
relationship is going no-where.

2)  Someone is speaking to you about others weaknesses and you are 
     responding back with an affirmative. Imagine someone else doing this
     about you behind your back. How bad would you feel?

Comparison 2

Talking Tom

When we give a slap to Talking Tom, he falls down with a spin.


I am sure that you know yourself better than anyone else. You are not perfect in all the departments of life but you definitely posses some quality.

Have you thought about you quality?


1)  You may be average in looks but you are very honest, love to help
     people, don’t do anything wrong.

     Now your friend walks up to you and starts speaking about your looks
     and starts saying something you didn’t like to hear. You have a choice
     to either react or smile back. This is not the end though. After he is left,
     you can either think about your looks for the entire day or you can think
    about your qualities.

    This is possible only if for a long period of time in life you have
    appreciated yourself for the qualities you posses.

Did you know: The entire negative that comes from outside is like a slap. Someone comes and slaps us with their negative words and we fall down in our self respect.

2)  You are not good at English Speaking.

        I have seen this myself. You may not be good at communication skills
        but you are a good learner.

        People will speak negative about you not being able to move ahead or
        get a good job due to communication skill. Negative forces are all

        Don’t give up. If you are a good learner then you will soon be a good
        communicator. It does not depend how well you know the language
        because even the non English Speaking people have become good
        business man and successful people.

Comparison 3

Talking Tom

When someone touches the feet of Talking Tom, it gets irritated and says


We are living beings. Here we won’t look at someone touching our feet and
us saying NO NO. It’s something to take us to a higher level.

We all fall sick, don’t we? Especially, in the rainy or winter season when
cold and cough are common ailments which become fine by taking medicines.

It happens to many people. Some take it very light and continue doing their
work. Others consider it to be a major illness and avoid work.

Well, in all these years of observation, I have known Mothers who continue to work without holidays and even when they have cough and cold.


1)  You are at work and having cough and cold. Your boss calls you inside
      his cabin and shouts at you for some pending work. You are already
      feeling down due to illness. Now you can’t say anything back because
      he is your boss but inside you are saying NO NO NO (Like Talking
      Tom). You can’t shout at a person when he is sick. There should be
      some consideration.

        I am sure your boss would not have even noticed that you were sick
        because his anger must have not let him realize. You can now either
        keep cursing him through the day or sit in silence and finish your day
        by focusing on work.

2)   You are a very nice person but you had a fight with someone. Now that
       someone went to someone else and said something wrong that you
       spoke about that person. Now that person comes and has a fight with
       you on something you haven’t done.

       This was purely done to take revenge from you. You can either fight
       with the person who spread wrong word or let the time and karma
       take care of his fate.


We are humans with choices. We can’t afford to give the remote control of our emotions in others hands and then keep struggling in life.

It is rather better to spend some time with ourselves each day in silence and try to correct our reactions instead by creating a vision of the same situation but a different reaction by us.

This will slowly get registered in our sub conscious minds and we will be much peaceful in life.

Do let me know if you are Talking Tom or Human?
Download Talking Tom here