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Have we become like Talking Tom?

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Looks like even Talking Tom is thinking whether we humans have become like him? Imagine a cat thinking like that.

The 2 of the most loved pets in the houses these days are dogs and cats. While I have already discussed about the dogs in my previous blog posts, I thought that why should the cat be left behind. So are we ready to even think about how can a human being become like a cat, when we say that humans are more superior than animals.

Well you will be surprised at the comparisons and would be compelled to think.

The Talking Tom game has evolved quite a bit from the time it has got launched and may have many more options now. However I would like to compare 3 things.

Comparison 1

Talking Tom

When we talk something to Talking Tom, it hears and responds back to us the same things that we speak. It’s like having a parrot in front of you. It feels funny to hear back the same thing being said by a cat.


Since we are superior and have been given brains, le…