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This Google needs no Internet Connection

Shocked? Even I was when I realised that this Google needed no internet

connection. I am sure that in this digital age even a small kid knows what

Google is?

So I wont be speaking about the Google you all know and waste you time.

Now let’s look at some characteristics of this Google without Internet

connection before we can get introduced to this Google.
Some Characteristics
Ø This Google has existed right since the world has existed

Ø This Google is available in even the most remote location in the world

Ø This Google can give us all the information we need for survival

Ø This Google is available 24x7

Ø This Google is available to both the Rich and the Poor

Ø This Google can also do face detection to know what we are looking for

Ø This Google is well organised in giving the right information

Ø This Google is free to all and does not depend on Internet Connection

So any guesses which is this Google?

OK let me break the suspense if you have still not guessed it.