Tuesday, 1 November 2016

This ECG can save you from ECG test

I walk on the road - No one looks at me

I travel in the bus - No one looks at me

I travel in the train - No one looks at me

I walk in the corridor - No one looks at me

I move around in the building - No one looks at me

I am walking in the park - No one looks at me

I am talking in a session - No one looks at me

I am watching out of the window - No one looks at me

I start to doubt
  • Am I ugly?
  • Am I not dressed well?
  • Is my hair not looking good?
  • Am I an alien?
  • Am I a terrorist?
I thought I was an emotional being who needs
  • A bit of attention
  • A good morning wish
  • A wave from a known face
  • An exchange of some smiles

Whats wrong with this world?

Can someone please understand that all these actions
are causing emotional ups and downs and impacting my

As I feel this way, I see an advertisement in the

newspaper with a big sentence


ECG Test for the health of your heart

The perfect solution to keep your heart in check
against the emotional ups and downs.

Is the greatest invention in the world that wanted to
keep us connected, the reason for this?

The Mobile Phone

To a certain extent yes, but its also with us.

Feeling Shocked? How can you be responsible for it?

You do everything possible to look your best and stay
up to date.

So what's wrong after all?

Its the missing ECG.

Hold on... Its not the heart test.

We all live in a negative world, with all the negative
inputs right from the start of the day and until we
end the day.

Is this something you don't know?

You know it.

What you don't know is how to guard yourself
against this negativity.

Some thoughts to ponder on:

1) Am I starting the day with some positive input?
2) Am I expecting too much from the world?
3) Is my behavior influenced or natural?
4) Am I giving what I am expecting?

Things to cut off as you wake up

1) Newspaper
2) Television
3) Mobile Phone

Things to catch up on

1) Books (Spiritual/Inspirational)
2) Morning Walks
3) Sitting in the Balcony or Around Window

These are some of the basics but there is something
higher which can save you from the ECG test.

That is ECG.


ECG to save from ECG

This is ECG - Emotional Connect with GOD

Some of the concepts

1) I don't believe in GOD
2) GOD is omnipresent
3) I am doing Good Karma, why do I need GOD?

Answers to the concepts

1) GOD is our Spiritual Father. After all we say

2) If GOD is omnipresent then why is love missing from
this world

3) You are doing good karma but there is a lot more to
karma than meets the eye

Knowledge of 3 things that can ease life

1) Self
2) GOD
3) Karma

Self i.e. I am a soul and filled with 7 innate
qualities of Knowledge, Love, Peace, Happiness, Bliss,
Purity and Power.

GOD i.e. the Supreme Power who is the Ocean. The ocean
of knowledge, the ocean of love, the ocean of peace,
the ocean of happiness, the ocean of bliss, the ocean
of purity and the ocean of power.

Karma i.e. Good Karma, Bad Karma, Normal Karma, etc

What is Emotional Connect with GOD?

Emotional connect with GOD means connecting with the
Ocean and refilling yourself with the qualities which
can then be shared in the world.

Why is it required?

The problem is that as human beings, we all have
limited stock of these qualities. As we start the day,
we have exchange of energies with each other which
depletes our energies.

Sometimes the stock can last only a few hours and make
us feel exhausted half way.

Outcome of the connect

> The entire world feels like a family
> We start giving more than expecting
> We can energize ourselves through the day
> We are focused on doing only the right
> Challenges feels like a game

How can we connect with him?

  • Learn Rajyoga Meditation - The oldest form of
          meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris
  • Log onto to

Why do I believe you?

Somethings have to be experienced and not believed

Hoping to see you connecting yourself emotionally with
GOD while living in this world with peace and harmony