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Don't ever play this GAME - It's Dangerous

If you ask someone, do you love being fit? What would the answer be?

Of course "I love being fit"


Simply, because life is quite stressful and being fit allows me to de-stress.

I am sure you agree with this sentence.

What people do to stay FIT?

· Walk
· Play Games
· Run
· Hit the Gym

These are the most common things that each one of us does.

Out of the above options we will look at

Play Games

The Games people typically play to stay fit

· Cricket
· Football
· Basketball
· Badminton
· Tennis & many more

It helps them stay fit and burn calories as well which is a nice deal without spending money.

However, all these games require 2 things in common

· Equipment's
· 2 or more people

Now the question is that all these games don’t make you unfit then what is this writer talking about.

Well, we all know about this other game as well and we also play it very often. It’s just that we don’t focus hard on understanding that we play it consciously or un…

To achieve Success Try ANGLE

Each one of you would like to achieve success but with so much of uncertainty in life, success seems far away.

Do you see the “You” and “Steps” which are far away from each other and “SUCCESS” is right on the top?

Does that mean that you will have to climb a mountain to achieve success?

I won’t lie but the fact is that there are some steps that you can follow backed with self discipline which can help you achieve success.

What is Success?

Success is to achieve something in life but it’s a part of the journey called LIFE. It does not end with just one task achieved.

As a student, success is to complete graduation. As a working professional, it’s getting a good job or getting a promotion. As a retired person it’s the financial security. In relationships it is to be able to be there when required.

The meaning keeps changing at each level of life but there are some common steps at each level to achieve success.

5 Steps which can ensure success

As the title says that “To Achi…