Monday, 5 June 2017

The story of 2 Frogs, which one are you?

It’s the rainy season once again in India. Some people like this season while some people hate this season. However this season has its own flavors.

In the rainy season you see many animals but the most famous is the FROG, so I thought of sharing 2 FROG stories with you.

The Frog of the Well

This is about a place called Sundertalab. The place is very beautiful with a lot of greenery all around, various trees big and small and a garden of variety colorful flowers. Red, White, Violet, Orange and many other colors can be seen. The best place about Sundertalab is that it’s filled with the fragrance of the flowers.

Even if a person comes to this place feeling tired or irritated, his mood will automatically change once the fragrance enters his nose and hits the pleasure point of his brain.

In between all this greenery is also a Well. This well is filled with clean water and has now become a home of a frog. However it was not his home always.

This Frog had a very good character but always felt victimized.

Once when he was playing in the garden, some animals around told him some things about his attitude and his character which he didn’t like. He tried very hard to resist but the animals knew his weakness.

They could not see him happy so they tried to make him feel victimized and the trick worked.

The Frog was so upset that he jumped in the well while telling them that they would not see him again.

Since then the frog stayed in the well. Many people tried to pull him out of the well but he would not come out.

Sounds Similar?

We as humans also have a certain resistance level and people around can’t see us happy. They will try to find out our weakness and then try to de-motivate us or trouble us to the core.

Instead of improving our resistance level, we jump into the zone of discomfort and feel like a victim. We do not want to face those people as they bring bad memories to our minds.

The people who tried to pull the frog from the well are also around us which are our well wishers, asking us to forgive and forget but we are unable to do that.

To turn this around what you should do is increase your resistance level. I know it is tough but we have to work slowly and gradually. We can’t keep avoiding people who did bad to us but we can at least either talk less to them or give them so much respect that they feel awkward themselves.

The Deaf Frog

This is a story of Imaratstan. This place was a concrete jungle full of tall buildings. You could only see big blocks all around you and the streets were always buzzing with cars and people. The people of this place however loved their sports and did some weird sports activities.

These were activities where people as well as animals had to participate. No one was spared from it. They did this so that each one could get used to handling the pressure life sometimes brings on all of us.

One such weird event which was organized on a Sunday was “The FROG Race”.

The streets were empty, the cars were on a standstill and the banners were up and fluttering in the air. The people were starting to gather around a tall building of 10 floors. Not so big for humans but very big for the small little frogs because the frogs had to climb to the top of the building.

The Whistle was out, the frogs were ready at the starting point and the people were buzzing with their big mouths wide open. Before the race started, some people already started making fun of the frogs. Words like “These small little creatures” “Ugly looking Frogs” “Aims are high but height is small”.
All the de-motivating sentences they could ever say.

Finally the whistle was blown and frogs started to climb the building.

Some frogs had already given up listening to the comment beforehand and did not even begin. Some frogs were moving upward but fell listening to more de-motivating words. All were falling one by one.

But Wait! One little frog kept going and the people were amazed. He finally reached the top. The people were surprised how he managed to achieve this feat.

When people tried to find out they learnt that the frog was deaf so he did not hear any comments.

Sounds Familiar?

In life when we want to achieve something in life, there will be roadblocks. The situations can be dealt with but when it’s people the game becomes difficult. We are all made out of emotions. Emotions affect us more than situations. Sometimes in life, one of our own family members maybe de-motivating us.

The best thing to do is to be in silence, analyze the situation and keep moving ahead taking small steps.

If we open up our plans and we are unable to do things then we will be criticized as people can’t see your effort but can see your failure easily.

Hope you liked both the stories and would share it with someone who maybe in need.

Cheers and Best Wishes!!! 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The PastA Attitude

PastA Attitude is something you maybe hearing for the first time because PastA is a food item that we usually eat.

Now the question that arises here is

Has PastA got something to do with developing an Attitude?

Some things about Pasta

· Pasta comes in various shapes (Twisty looks good)
· Pasta can’t be cooked without other ingredients (For better taste we have
  to add Ketchup, White Sauce, Vegetables, etc.)
· Pasta is easy to cook
· Pasta is a good Family Meal

& many more which you all eating and cooking folks may know.

PastA and Stories

Food and Stories go hand in hand. These days during a meal we would be discussing about something or someone, watching youtube videos or thinking about the past or maybe watching tv. In short we are mentally connected with some story. Mostly of either the past or the future and we all love contributing to the discussion.

Past and Us

Research says that most of the people live with the past in their heads. Past has a lot of memories good and bad and people remember both of them. Living in the past actually is not good to the human health as we can often remember the bad memories which have hurt us but are not able to recall too many good memories about the past. This can destroy our present and our relationships. Past is also very twisty, has many incidences like ingredients, can be easily thought of as a defense and involves many members, usually from the family. Quite a few similarities with Pasta.

Types of Relationships

All of us have 2 types of Relationships

· With the Self
· With others (Family, Friends, Relatives, etc)

Past Associated with Self

· Failure in Student Life
· Failure in getting through the interview
· Failure in completing tasks on time
· Failure in not achieving much in life at an early age

& many more

Past Associated with Others

· He/She behaved badly with me
· He/She made me suffer losses
· I am in current state due to him/her
· He/She always keeps making the same mistakes

& many more

I guess that many must be wondering where the word PastA disappeared. Actually the word still exists and you will see the linkage soon.

The PastA Attitude

Attitudes can be negative or positive but why do we focus on negative? So now let’s look at the PastA Attitude. PastA has been written as one word but if you realize the letter A at the end of PastA is in capital letter for most of the blogpost. So while Past stands for the PAST which we discussed before, A stands for Acceptance. So Past+A makes it PastA. :)

Acceptance and Past

We say the past that has been associated with the self and others. Well the past keeps following us in the present and tires to destroy our future hence Acceptance is the way to shield ourselves from the shadows of the past. We are supposed to learn from the past, that’s it. There is nothing more which we should carry from there.

Our Current State

Many of us like to change ourselves but it seems tough as it requires us to take certain onus and then work hard to bring the change. What we however do can be seen below with a few examples.

Example 1: (Acceptance with Self)

We have been finding a job and have been attending multiple interviews. Somehow we are not being able to crack the interview and its taking longer. All our friends and relatives are also trying to tell us various things. Now, we can either take that feedback and work hard for the next interview preparation of give up mentally.

Next day when we wake up, the first thought will be what if I can’t clear even today? It’s a new day, yesterday was the past and no 2 days are alike. Why such a thought then? Learn to accept first that the failure is gone behind and success is waiting for me with open hands. Then go for
and interview and I am sure you will crack it.

Example 2: (Acceptance with Others)

All of us are human beings and tend to make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes can also be very bad and annoying. When we stay in a joint family and with negativity surrounding all of us we tend to make mistakes. Say out of Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, etc. Someone tried to spoil your relationship with a family member or did some mistake or told a lie. Now you hate that action and you stop speaking to the person who made the mistake.

The problem here is that it does not stop at the conversion. The mental conversation is on and you will always look for an opportunity to give back. Sometimes for years you carry the bad vibes of the past in the mind which spoils your health and you bring it up at every conversation. Forgiving is a better option though but that is possible only when you Accept that what he/she did was their karma. I have to do good and forgiving will help me heal myself.

The Power of Acceptance

Acceptance is the key to convert momentary happiness to enduring happiness. It helps you move from feeling happy to actually being happy.

There are two ways out of a problem: accept what’s happening, see the positive, and choose a peaceful state of mind; or fight against it, be miserable, and struggle against the universe.

Do share some more examples that you would be aware of. I would love to hear them.

Should we develop the PastA Attitude?

Sunday, 30 April 2017

This is the Reason we don’t grow

He is ahead, I am behind. He is rich, I am poor. He is brilliant, I am dull. Do we do this comparison all the time in life? We are constantly comparing ourselves with everyone else around and trying to move forward. Compare, Compete and Compromise are the 3 words driving our current life.

Comparing with people, competing with the circumstances and Compromising on Happiness.

Where is this leading us?

It is leading us towards STD i.e. Stress, Tension and Depression.

When does comparison start?

It starts at an early age and carries on till death.

Where do we learn it from?

Our parents I guess. Have you seen parents comparing either you with your sibling or you with your neighbour? Each one of us is very unique in our own ways but still the comparison. Why does this happen? It’s because parents can’t see what is the available quality but trying to make a copy out of the child.

What do we do with the Learning?

We then start to compare with kids who have much better than us. The list then flows to the parents and they start thinking what to do? It’s a vicious circle you see. What the parents are giving to their child is what’s coming back to them. Then we start to have stress between the wants and the needs.

The growth of Comparison

As we grow from kids to adults, we start comparing ourselves with others and the sentences that we looked at the beginning start to hit our minds. Does this mean we should not have ambitions? We should have ambitions no doubt and work towards achieving our goals but without comparison.

8 step formula to avoid comparison

· Accept yourself as a unique special person (USP)

· Always compete with yourself

· Keep the learning curve active

· Keep yourself fit

· Do things for others without expectations

· Try to discover your uniqueness

· Spend time with yourself (Yoga, Meditation, A Silent walk, Listen to your favourite music)

And most important


Every one of us should have a DOG in place.

Hey not the pet. I was referring to Diary of Gratitude. The reason why writing is important is because when we write, we also speak to our minds which we would usually not do otherwise.

Our minds have enough distractions like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and even if we avoid them, our mind still does not accept silence. It will switch over to Outings with Friends, Television, Playing Games etc.

We can’t control our mind but we have to speak to it and try to understand the way it’s functioned and what can drive it in the right direction. This is possible only by spending time with yourself.

So let’s work together and get rid of this Reason (Comparison) and keep growing in life.

We should not compare others or ourselves to anyone.


Do share your comments and feedback on the same... 

Friday, 17 March 2017

This Plane is Expensive but worth it – DC Plane

Flight travel has become a very common phenomenon these days.

Anyone can travel by Aeroplane/Flight and can reach anywhere very fast.

As times have moved by, it has also become less expensive and very exciting due to the various offers on Flight Travel. The best part about the flight is that it flies in the air and takes us away from the city’s landscape into the clouds and makes us feel lighter.

The other side of the flight travel is that if you don’t fly frequently then it can lead to a little stress. From the time you sit in the Flight until when you move out from the Flight.

The take off specially makes you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach or your heart is jumping up and down. Also in case if the flight faces any turbulence in the air then it gets more stressful. That time many of us even remember GOD as we are uncertain about our lives.

The Easier Part

· Get Online
· Find the offers
· Select the date, destination, number of passengers
· Select the best aircraft as per your requirement
· Make a Payment
· Booking Confirmed

I am sure all the frequent flyers know these steps and even the non frequent flyers can find this online.

This plane is special

You must be wondering that almost all flights follow the same process then what’s different with this plane?

The difference is

· This plane has to be flown by you
· This plane faces turbulence many times
· This plane has 2 wings which are hidden
· Flying this plane needs practice all the time
· If you can fly this plane then you can fly all the time
· It’s expensive and requires you to be time bound

DC Plane

This plane does not belong to any one country. It is available in all the countries but not everyone has access to it.

DC Plane sounds like Discipline, isn’t it?

You will definitely agree to all the points of difference mentioned above in the article.

Definition of Discipline

Discipline according to me is a set of rules that one sets for oneself. The rules can be set by others for us and we may even follow it for some time. However for us to follow it for a longer time it requires a lot of effort and self talk with oneself.

It is required in every aspect of our lives. Some examples are

· Time Management
· Space Management
· Self Management
· People Management
· Emotions Management & many more

The 2 Wings

Every plane has 2 wings which manage the flight and direction of the plane. If any of the wings are damaged then it can impact the altitude and the direction of the plane. In the same way even the DC Plane has 2 wings which helps keeping up with the altitude of oneself.


This is the first wing of DC Plane (Discipline). Determination is the first step towards being disciplined. Determination comes when you first decide that something has to change which will push you in a new direction, a direction of a new you.

This requires

· Sitting in Silence
· Analyzing the situation
· Deciding the corrective steps
· Starting Now


The second wing of the DC Plane (Discipline) is Confidence. Every one of us is confident about ourselves basis the image we have in our minds due to the past experiences. However, it is very easy for anyone to shake our confidence.

Ways it gets shaken

· Our own mind will say you can’t do it
· Others will say that it’s not easy
· We may not accurate constantly
· We may not have enough experiences to back our claims

What’s the best way to stick on the path?

· Self Talk (Meditation is the best way)
· Keep doing it every day (Practice makes you perfect)
· Look at the benefits
· Don’t compare with others
· Keep Appreciating yourself
· Use your time in watching motivational videos or reading motivational books

These are the 2 aspects that I could think of. I am sure there would be many more experiences that you would have.

Some Quotes on DISCIPLINE



· DISCIPLINE is DOING what needs to BE DONE even if you DONT WANT

· YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS is determined by your LEVEL of  DISCIPLINE

· SUFFER the pain of DISCIPLINE or SUFFER the pain of REGRET

· SELF DISCIPLINE begins with the MASTERY of your THOUGHTS


· AFFIRMATION without DISCIPLINE is the beginning of DELUSION

Do post your experiences and share it with others if you find this useful.