Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The 4 letters called LIFE

One Life… One Chance… Multiple Decisions…

That’s exactly what life is about. LIFE, from birth to death and both are not in our hands.

The only thing between the B and D is C. Yes C, C for choices. Some which are influenced, some which are taken due to fear, some which are forced onto us and some which we don’t make as we have all got used to being in the comfort zone.
Where are we headed?

I guess we would be headed only if we would be using our heads to make decisions. Most of the decisions as mentioned above are not even taken by the real me.

Why is this happening?

The reason is very simple. It is because we hardly speak or try to know ourselves. We all watch movies like “Tare Zameen Par”, “3 Idiots” etc which motivate us to chase our dreams, something that we actually like doing but I guess we all don’t have a Rancho with us. The character who motivated his friends to do where their heart was.

Do we keep finding Rancho?

I am sure we would all love to find such a friend but not all are lucky enough. So what’s the solution?

Make your mind your best friend. Your Mind can help you lead the LIFE you want.

What drives the mind?

The mind likes to be positive and not negative. It gets driven by positive thoughts, positive actions, positive qualities, positive inputs, etc. Let’s look at LIFE and break it up into 4 values which can make the journey of choices a more controlled one where the self is able to make the right decisions.

L – Love

Everyone needs it, everyone even gives it but still there is a strain in the relationships today. It’s very surprising that divorces have gone up. The husband gives all the expensive dresses, gifts and luxuries to his wife and the Wife takes care of the house with all her might. All looks to be so right but there is one problem only. That is each one is trying to change the other. The level of acceptance is very less.

We all know that we can change only ourselves and change no one. We do this when outside the house but unable to do this with the immediate family members. The reason is “They are mine” so they should understand my stand and if they don’t then I am angry or it starts impacting our actions in a negative way.

We know how to Love but we don’t know how to or how much to Leave. That’s where the entire problem starts.

What can we do to set this right?

· Love but don’t try to change

· Focus on the self as much as possible

· Remember you are playing multiple roles

· Keep sowing the seed of love and it will come back to you

· Sit and talk to each other. Conversations solves and Misunderstanding spoils

I – Integrity

Integrity, a small word to say but a big word that impacts your character. We learn this right from childhood and need to carry it with us right until death. The one who is honest does not have to worry too much. The honesty will always connect him to the right people. All these values in us are like energies and we vibrate it all the time in the world. It is seen that if you tell a lie then you have to remember it to cover up the previous lie.

If you are honest in things you do then the boat of your life can sometimes even shake but it will never drown and the right people will always support you till the end of life. Even God supports such people.

F – Farsightedness

Farsightedness in Life is very important. So is it thinking about the future? Not exactly I would say. It means that while being with the people, working in a job or pursuing any course or doing anything, you should just ask yourself if any of these will contribute to your life in a positive way. If not then you should put an effort to move towards the right.

Don’t think too much into the future but having small goals and then achieving them will give you a lot of mental satisfaction.

E -Enthusiasm

Can we be enthusiastic always? I don’t think that many are unable to do this. Most of us are impacted by the situations we face are entangled solving that only. So how do we keep up the enthusiasm? I feel that there are a few things that we can focus on

· Having a hobby and pursuing it (Turn to when feeling low)

· Doing some social service (To stay grounded)

· Helping and respecting the Elders (To earn some blessings)

· Using your skills and knowledge for a good cause (Helping the poor when asked

· Keep Learning New Things (Important for Mental Growth)

I am sure that other things like Outings, Watching TV, Eating Out and Going for Movies are common things which we all do but these are mostly temporary ways of escapism. If you compare them with the above then you will realise that you are not spending too much money but gaining a lot by doing good. It will definitely keep your enthusiasm up and going.



Hoping for your success in LIFE

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