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The 4 letters called LIFE

One Life… One Chance… Multiple Decisions…

That’s exactly what life is about. LIFE, from birth to death and both are not in our hands.

The only thing between the B and D is C. Yes C, C for choices. Some which are influenced, some which are taken due to fear, some which are forced onto us and some which we don’t make as we have all got used to being in the comfort zone.

Where are we headed?

I guess we would be headed only if we would be using our heads to make decisions. Most of the decisions as mentioned above are not even taken by the real me.

Why is this happening?

The reason is very simple. It is because we hardly speak or try to know ourselves. We all watch movies like “Tare Zameen Par”, “3 Idiots” etc which motivate us to chase our dreams, something that we actually like doing but I guess we all don’t have a Rancho with us. The character who motivated his friends to do where their heart was.

Do we keep finding Rancho?

I am sure we would all love to find such a frien…