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The PastA Attitude

PastA Attitude is something you maybe hearing for the first time because PastA is a food item that we usually eat.

Now the question that arises here is

Has PastA got something to do with developing an Attitude?

Some things about Pasta

· Pasta comes in various shapes (Twisty looks good)
· Pasta can’t be cooked without other ingredients (For better taste we have
  to add Ketchup, White Sauce, Vegetables, etc.)
· Pasta is easy to cook
· Pasta is a good Family Meal

& many more which you all eating and cooking folks may know.

PastA and Stories

Food and Stories go hand in hand. These days during a meal we would be discussing about something or someone, watching youtube videos or thinking about the past or maybe watching tv. In short we are mentally connected with some story. Mostly of either the past or the future and we all love contributing to the discussion.

Past and Us

Research says that most of the people live with the past in their heads. Past has a lot of memories …