5 stories that will change the way you use mobile phone

Do you ever wish that you were a mobile phone? I am sure at the rate with
which the mobile phones have entered our lives and disturbed our
relationships you would definitely love to be a mobile phone.

Mobile phones came into our lives and changed the way we communicate.
I feel that it was made to ease communication and to add mobility. It could
also be made, keeping in mind a way to track your loved one. Who knew
that someday it would increase the distances between our relationships
and take us mentally away from the loved ones. It has created such a big
gap in our relationships and our thoughts that it sometimes becomes more
important even during a family function, outing, etc.

Can we say that it has become like a family member? We eat, sleep, walk,
play, talk, work but the constant companion in all these activities is our
mobile phone. Let’s look at a few examples and you may get a clue of the
invasion it has made.

A Child’s Voice

Rita was planning an outing with her friends at a mall. She was very
excited but also upset as she could not go as she had a small daughter
called Victoria. She called her friends and told her that she could not come.
Her friends gave her the idea to bring her daughter along. She agreed and
took her daughter along. The mall was at some distance from home but
Rita decided to walk. Just as she moved out of her home she got a call
from her friends and she was on the mobile phone with Victoria on her
side. Victoria as a small kid was very curious and was looking at the fun n
fair which was across the road. She was trying to pull Rita’s attention
to the fair but Rita was busy on the phone. Suddenly, Rita heard a sound
which scared her.

It was a screeching sound of the car which stopped just 2 feet away from
Victoria. Her heart was pounding hard and she just realized what she was
about to lose. She quickly hugged the crying Victoria and said sorry, my
love. Just then Victoria said to her mother in her soft voice
"Wish I was a Mobile Phone"

A Girl’s Voice

Michelle was a lonely girl and all she wanted was company. She had been finding
someone for a long time. A Fun and Fair was organized in her area which she
decided to attend. As she entered, she looked at the swings, shops, candies and
all the things that were pulling her eyes. Just as she was looking around, the
thought that always keeps hitting her mind came up and she started finding
someone she could be friends with. Just as she thought, she saw a boy running
towards her and she was delighted by the sight. As the boy came closer, she
smiled but the boy passed her and was running towards a stall. His friends were
also running behind him cursing him that he was here for enjoyment and not for that
stall. Michelle turned back and saw a big board which said "Love Mobiles? Win an


Michelle in a heavy voice feeling dejected said to herself "Wish I was a
Mobile Phone"

A Man’s Voice

Chris woke up late and guess what? It was 9 am and he was late to office. Lily, his
wife had prepared the breakfast but Chris had to rush to office. He was feeling bad
that he could not have breakfast with Lily as he was late. Lily was a good wife but
had just too many friends. She loved to be on the Whatsapp (A popular messenger)
for hours and sometimes even missed doing her basic chores at home. That day
Chris got a promotion and he was very happy. He tried calling Lily a few times but
her phone was busy. Chris was so excited that he went home early that day and
wanted to have dinner with Lily. Lily had been busy on Whatsapp as her friend had
got a master’s degree so her friends were planning for a meet and giving
suggestions on Whatsapp.

Chris was excited to give Lily the news of promotion but she was so busy
that Chris in an irritated voice said to Lily "Wish I was a Mobile Phone"
and felt asleep.

Teacher’s Voice

It’s a tough job for John as a teacher, especially when the students are in higher
education. He always has a smiling face and loves to teach. As always, John was
teaching his class but a few students as always were busy on their mobile phones
without paying attention in class. It made John a little sad as he was remembering
his old days. It was also Teacher Day but none of the students realized and were
busy listening to music. Just then there was an announcement on the radio which
made the students feel ashamed of themselves as it was news of teacher’s day
celebration in other colleges.

They went and wished their teacher "Happy Teacher's Day", but with a sad
look on his face he told his students, "Wish! I was a Mobile Phone".

God's Voice

Sameer was an Excellent Manager and had very few friends. He loved working and
keeping in touch with friends. He also loved upgrading his mobile phone. Morning
used to start looking at mobile and night used to end by looking at mobile. Life was
moving smoothly when suddenly he lost his job and also lost his friends as he was
short on money. All the friends had left him and he was very stressed. As he was
finding a solution to de-stress, his neighbor suggested him of meditation. He took
up the idea which needed to sit in silence and listen to himself and GOD. The
problem though was that he could not leave his mobile aside when he sat for
meditation and hence could not catch signals from GOD. That's when GOD thought
that humans were given gadgets to use and not get so used to that it disrupts their
communication with their Supreme Father and even GOD had to say


"Wish! I was a Mobile Phone"

Do let me know if you agree...

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