7 reasons why dogs can be man's best friend

We are all social animals so there is definitely a need to socialize and mingle around with another person or a group of people for exchange of ideas, emotions, actions, etc. Though we have many friends at various places like work, home, in the park, in the market, etc. but there is still a wave of emptiness which is blowing through the human world. Everyone is so busy with their smart phones these days that they don’t even have the time to look up.

Let’s look at the funny side. We don’t bow in front of anyone but we all bow in front of our smartphone. Imagine a non-living thing is more powerful than a human being. Well, so we were speaking about having friends but still being lonely. This wave of loneliness hit the foreign countries before and now it’s taking its toll on India. So what happens when people are in problem? In movies we see that a super hero like Superman, Batman, etc. come to the rescue and save us. Now since super heroes are fictional characters which are only in movies, out come’s a super friend to rescue us from this loneliness.
Any guesses who this friend is?

Some Characteristics of this friend

  1. He only wants your love
  2. He listens to you patiently
  3. He keeps you fit
  4. He can bring your stress levels down
  5. He looks different but feelings are the same
  6. He protects you
  7. He does not eat too much

Well I am sure you would have guessed by now. If you have not guessed until now then keep reading and I am sure you will know.

I have seen him in an avatar of even a traffic police. When we ride our cars or bikes very fast or suddenly break then he alerts us immediately by shouting at us. He can’t see us unsafe. If he sees or feels something suspicious around us then he immediately alerts us. He even acts like a soldier on the country border. In our case he guard’s our house when we are sleeping.

Now this clue would have given you an idea that I am speaking of man’s best friend, DOG. I am sure that anyone of you who has a dog will agree with the above points. What an amazing animal! The kind of advantages that we have with this friend around us is simply amazing. I don’t even feel like calling dog an animal as he sometimes takes care of us more than even humans.

Let’s look at the characteristics a little briefly
  •   He only wants your love

There is no need to prove this. He knows when you go out and when you come back. Be, rest assured that he is more excited to receive you in the evening and is waiting to come and move around you. Doesn’t it feel nice when he does that? I am sure you love it.
  • He listens to you patiently

We all go through our mood swings and sometimes humans don’t tend to understand our feeling. Be rest assured that your dog can listen to you patiently for hours as all he needs is your attention.
  • He keeps you fit

With smartphones and televisions keeping us busy all the time, we find ourselves very indoors but with a dog around, you will not be able to sit indoors. Dogs love to go out but they need company. They will ensure that you are out with them for a walk or a run.
  • He can bring your stress levels down

It has been said that dogs can bring our stress levels down. You must be thinking how. Imagine when you are angry and upset. He will come to you and move around your legs. He will try to lick you and try to entertain you. I bet you can’t escape these small things which moves you away from the negative emotion and brings you back to a positive frame of mind at least for that moment.
  • He looks different but feelings are the same

He has four legs, tail, big teeth and furry skin. This is all the difference. Otherwise you will see the dog barking (us shouting), eating, entertaining and sometimes even crying. He has one quality which has decreased in us over a period of time. That value is faithfulness. He is faithful to his master.
  • He protects you

Our family members protect us while we are with them but they have only five senses. Somehow a dog has sixth sense. He can immediately sense any danger and alerts us. Dangers like a thief trying to break into the house or someone trying to follow us with wrong intentions. I have even seen dogs sensing the earthquake before it comes. The dogs in the last have even saved families by taking them to places of safety while everything around them fell down.
  • He does not eat too much

He will eat what you give him with love. You will never find dogs fussing on foods. He also has a bowl with fixed amount of food that fits in. He eats less but delivers more. He is just like another family member and eats with a lot of love.

The different roles of a Dog

Can be an able support for a disabled person
Can be a member of the bomb squad
Can be a baby sitter while the lady works in the house

Can be your shopping partner
Can be your companion for long walks
Can be your fitness trainer

To wrap it up I would say that Dog is indeed man’s best friend and having a dog around is definitely a boon. In many houses though, dogs are not allowed as pets but don’t worry as you will find plenty of them on the roads and even they like to be feeded and loved.

Believe me, you will see how much attention you get even when you go past the stray dog whom you love.

These were my thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this.



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