Don't ever play this GAME - It's Dangerous

If you ask someone, do you love being fit? What would the answer be?

Of course "I love being fit"


Simply, because life is quite stressful and being fit allows me to de-stress.

I am sure you agree with this sentence.

What people do to stay FIT?

· Walk
· Play Games
· Run
· Hit the Gym

These are the most common things that each one of us does.

Out of the above options we will look at

Play Games

The Games people typically play to stay fit

· Cricket
· Football
· Basketball
· Badminton
· Tennis & many more

It helps them stay fit and burn calories as well which is a nice deal without spending money.

However, all these games require 2 things in common

· Equipment's
· 2 or more people

Now the question is that all these games don’t make you unfit then what is this writer talking about.

Well, we all know about this other game as well and we also play it very often. It’s just that we don’t focus hard on understanding that we play it consciously or unconsciously.

Any word striking your mind yet?

Now if you hear this word then you may just realize and say to yourself “That was something we knew”

Some features of this game

· Can be played anywhere
· Requires minimum 2 people and maximum can be any numbers
· Can be played with any age group
· Requires no training
· Requires no equipments
· It’s the easiest game

The name of this game is


Now don’t say to yourself that you already knew this.

Why do we like to play the Blame Game?

· Easy way of Self Defense
· A way to hide your weakness
· The best way of procrastination
· A way of Escapism

Let’s look at each point

Easy way of Self Defense

As humans we are very good at self defense. We all know how to protect ourselves and this is important in life. However, when the self defense is used to cover our mistakes or as a reason for not completing a task on time then it’s not a good idea. It can give you a level of comfort but pushes you behind mentally and stops you from growing. Believe me, you will then always find reasons for all your failures and blame something or someone for your failure.

A way to hide your Weakness

Weakness and Strengths is a part of everyone’s personalities. We will be weak at something always unless we gain knowledge or master a particular skill required to be used in our daily lives. Accepting that we are weak not due to our mind but the lack of knowledge will allow us to learn new things and avoid the blame game. Sometimes we are given a task and we reject it upfront showing our weakness of not knowing how to complete it. This way we lose a new opportunity coming our way in which we could learn and master something new and who is responsible. The blame of lack of knowledge.

The best way to Procrastinate

Procrastination has become like an epidemic in which we keep postponing tasks which maybe important for us to finish and may sometimes require us to be disciplined. However, the effort to continuously be disciplined is tough. For example as writers, we need to write everyday in order to keep the thoughts flowing but sitting and writing feels tough sometimes due to lack of ideas or not being focused. It just requires an effort to write something even if it’s small but we blame lack of ideas, time, no motivation, etc for not doing writing and keep pushing it behind.

A way of Escapism

It is very easy to blame others and get away but it is very difficult to stand and accept our mistakes. Blaming People, Situations and Lack of something can make us escape but it does not allow us to move up and achieve something higher. For a very long time we play the blame game in life and feel like a victim and this blame game becomes a part of our daily lives.

Ill Effects of Blame Game

· Restricts Growth
· Makes you feel like a victim
· Makes you an excuse box
· Strains your Relationships

How can we avoid playing the Blame Game?

· Accept Mistakes
· Always be ready to Learn new things
· Take Responsibility for your actions
· Face your fears

I am sure that all these tips if used well can get you rid of the BLAME game and take you to a different level of life.

Don’t Blame anyone or anything.

Burn the Self Transformation FLAME… Get rid of the BLAME GAME…

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