This is the Reason we don’t grow

He is ahead, I am behind. He is rich, I am poor. He is brilliant, I am dull. Do we do this comparison all the time in life? We are constantly comparing ourselves with everyone else around and trying to move forward. Compare, Compete and Compromise are the 3 words driving our current life.

Comparing with people, competing with the circumstances and Compromising on Happiness.

Where is this leading us?

It is leading us towards STD i.e. Stress, Tension and Depression.

When does comparison start?

It starts at an early age and carries on till death.

Where do we learn it from?

Our parents I guess. Have you seen parents comparing either you with your sibling or you with your neighbour? Each one of us is very unique in our own ways but still the comparison. Why does this happen? It’s because parents can’t see what is the available quality but trying to make a copy out of the child.

What do we do with the Learning?

We then start to compare with kids who have much better than us. The list then flows to the parents and they start thinking what to do? It’s a vicious circle you see. What the parents are giving to their child is what’s coming back to them. Then we start to have stress between the wants and the needs.

The growth of Comparison

As we grow from kids to adults, we start comparing ourselves with others and the sentences that we looked at the beginning start to hit our minds. Does this mean we should not have ambitions? We should have ambitions no doubt and work towards achieving our goals but without comparison.

8 step formula to avoid comparison

· Accept yourself as a unique special person (USP)

· Always compete with yourself

· Keep the learning curve active

· Keep yourself fit

· Do things for others without expectations

· Try to discover your uniqueness

· Spend time with yourself (Yoga, Meditation, A Silent walk, Listen to your favourite music)

And most important


Every one of us should have a DOG in place.

Hey not the pet. I was referring to Diary of Gratitude. The reason why writing is important is because when we write, we also speak to our minds which we would usually not do otherwise.

Our minds have enough distractions like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and even if we avoid them, our mind still does not accept silence. It will switch over to Outings with Friends, Television, Playing Games etc.

We can’t control our mind but we have to speak to it and try to understand the way it’s functioned and what can drive it in the right direction. This is possible only by spending time with yourself.

So let’s work together and get rid of this Reason (Comparison) and keep growing in life.

We should not compare others or ourselves to anyone.


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