The PastA Attitude

PastA Attitude is something you maybe hearing for the first time because PastA is a food item that we usually eat.

Now the question that arises here is

Has PastA got something to do with developing an Attitude?

Some things about Pasta

· Pasta comes in various shapes (Twisty looks good)
· Pasta can’t be cooked without other ingredients (For better taste we have
  to add Ketchup, White Sauce, Vegetables, etc.)
· Pasta is easy to cook
· Pasta is a good Family Meal

& many more which you all eating and cooking folks may know.

PastA and Stories

Food and Stories go hand in hand. These days during a meal we would be discussing about something or someone, watching youtube videos or thinking about the past or maybe watching tv. In short we are mentally connected with some story. Mostly of either the past or the future and we all love contributing to the discussion.

Past and Us

Research says that most of the people live with the past in their heads. Past has a lot of memories good and bad and people remember both of them. Living in the past actually is not good to the human health as we can often remember the bad memories which have hurt us but are not able to recall too many good memories about the past. This can destroy our present and our relationships. Past is also very twisty, has many incidences like ingredients, can be easily thought of as a defense and involves many members, usually from the family. Quite a few similarities with Pasta.

Types of Relationships

All of us have 2 types of Relationships

· With the Self
· With others (Family, Friends, Relatives, etc)

Past Associated with Self

· Failure in Student Life
· Failure in getting through the interview
· Failure in completing tasks on time
· Failure in not achieving much in life at an early age

& many more

Past Associated with Others

· He/She behaved badly with me
· He/She made me suffer losses
· I am in current state due to him/her
· He/She always keeps making the same mistakes

& many more

I guess that many must be wondering where the word PastA disappeared. Actually the word still exists and you will see the linkage soon.

The PastA Attitude

Attitudes can be negative or positive but why do we focus on negative? So now let’s look at the PastA Attitude. PastA has been written as one word but if you realize the letter A at the end of PastA is in capital letter for most of the blogpost. So while Past stands for the PAST which we discussed before, A stands for Acceptance. So Past+A makes it PastA. :)

Acceptance and Past

We say the past that has been associated with the self and others. Well the past keeps following us in the present and tires to destroy our future hence Acceptance is the way to shield ourselves from the shadows of the past. We are supposed to learn from the past, that’s it. There is nothing more which we should carry from there.

Our Current State

Many of us like to change ourselves but it seems tough as it requires us to take certain onus and then work hard to bring the change. What we however do can be seen below with a few examples.

Example 1: (Acceptance with Self)

We have been finding a job and have been attending multiple interviews. Somehow we are not being able to crack the interview and its taking longer. All our friends and relatives are also trying to tell us various things. Now, we can either take that feedback and work hard for the next interview preparation of give up mentally.

Next day when we wake up, the first thought will be what if I can’t clear even today? It’s a new day, yesterday was the past and no 2 days are alike. Why such a thought then? Learn to accept first that the failure is gone behind and success is waiting for me with open hands. Then go for
and interview and I am sure you will crack it.

Example 2: (Acceptance with Others)

All of us are human beings and tend to make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes can also be very bad and annoying. When we stay in a joint family and with negativity surrounding all of us we tend to make mistakes. Say out of Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, etc. Someone tried to spoil your relationship with a family member or did some mistake or told a lie. Now you hate that action and you stop speaking to the person who made the mistake.

The problem here is that it does not stop at the conversion. The mental conversation is on and you will always look for an opportunity to give back. Sometimes for years you carry the bad vibes of the past in the mind which spoils your health and you bring it up at every conversation. Forgiving is a better option though but that is possible only when you Accept that what he/she did was their karma. I have to do good and forgiving will help me heal myself.

The Power of Acceptance

Acceptance is the key to convert momentary happiness to enduring happiness. It helps you move from feeling happy to actually being happy.

There are two ways out of a problem: accept what’s happening, see the positive, and choose a peaceful state of mind; or fight against it, be miserable, and struggle against the universe.

Do share some more examples that you would be aware of. I would love to hear them.

Should we develop the PastA Attitude?

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