Blue Whale Challenge - We are all victims


We all know about the blue whale game which is in discussion in the Media these days. It is a game with 50 challenges and finally leads to suicide.

It is quite disturbing to see the end results and it has been aiming at the youth mostly.

The game has 1 victim, 1 administrator and 50 challenges. That’s the characteristics of the game.

However the breaking news is: We are all the victims of this game.


Don’t be because this is the fact. Let’s explore a bit to understand.

The Human Connection

Let’s look at the 3 aspects involved in the game

· The Victim

· The Challenges

· The Administrator

The Victim
The Victim of the Blue Whale challenge is obviously the person playing the game and following instructions. It is seen that machines, computers and robots follow instructions. As humans we are suppose to give instructions and the machine should follow.

However times have changed as the real Blue Whale challenge has existed for many years and we have been following instructions without even understanding that we are being controlled.

The Challenges


We have been given many challenges which have harmed us very badly physically and mentally but we still continue to keep being slaves to these challenges. Some of these challenges are

· Shout at someone badly

· Gossip about others

· Don’t help someone if someone doesn’t help you

· Keep your knowledge to yourself

· Hate people if they behave badly with you

· See things that excite you

· Eat things that are tasty even if they impact your health

· Compare yourself with others

· Misuse your position

· Be bad to people who are bad to you

· Rest Now Work Later

· Be concerned only about immediate family members

· Don’t share things

and the list goes on and on…

It may sound very familiar that we do all of these things sometime or the other in life and don’t even realize as we do it.

The reason is that we are now doing these things as part of our habit which we link to our personality and someone tries to correct us then we revolt.

The feedback from others is like a mirror we don’t like to face.

The other mirror is also silence which we don’t enjoy for the fact that in silence the mind wanders into areas of our personality we are scared to face.

The Administrator


Don’t be shocked if I told you that the administrator has been with us right from our existence. The administrator has been tracking each move of our and has been pushing us towards the challenges which could have been avoided but we got stuck.

The name of the Administrator of the Blue Whale Challenge is “The Mind”

We as souls have 3 faculties i.e.

The Mind
The Intellect
The Resolves (Habits)
The Mind is the place where the thought first comes.



When you would have got angry for the first time, the following process would have happened

· You saw or experienced some behavior which ignited the anger

· The anger tried to shut your mind

· The intellect tried to intervene by stopping and checking

· You surpassed the intellects suggestion

· Your minds anger turned into the action of shouting

· You finished shouting and felt like achieving your goal of putting across your feelings

· After doing the same action multiple times, it got integrated as part of your resolve (habit)

Now the next time you are faced with the same situation, you will obviously shout again.

The mind is now the administrator of the soul and is controlling your reaction. If you find anyone doing the same action whether your colleague, family member or an unknown person, you will shout and then blame the situation for your actions.

Protect Yourself from the Blue Whale Challenge


In the outside world, the police and all around us are trying to keep a track of the victims and putting their best foot forward to protect them.

In the inner world however, it becomes our duty to protect ourselves as people can’t read our minds and some things, we are unable to share with people.

The Protective Shield

· Practice Mindfulness

· Learn Meditation

· Read Motivational Books

· Do Social Service

· Find a group of like minded people

· Spend time with yourself in silence

· Find good alternatives to the mentioned challenges


I wish you all the best and hope we are able to use our intellects more than our mind to always move ahead in life.

Be Safe… Be Happy… Take charge of your MIND...


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