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10 Reasons you are addicted to Mobile Phone

These days, Mobile phone has become a necessary equipment one needs to have for communication but if that device becomes a habit and is in your face all the time than it can become an addiction.
A few situations to prove that
1) You wake up in the morning and look at your Mobile first.

2) You are checking your Mobile right before you fall asleep, 3) You are using Mobile even while eating food. You won't be aware even if you end up eating an insect with it. :)
4) You are using Mobile even while crossing the road. If you miss an inch the car rams into you.
Who will then check your messages and facebook updates?

5) You are using you Mobile phone while travelling in the bus, missing all the sight scene outside or that important information about the Sale you have been waiting for.
6) You are using your Mobile phone even while sitting with a loved one. Person is near but heart is in the phone. What a pity?

7) You are using Mobile phone right at the wheel while driving. Is that call, message, s…