The 3 WOR that can make life Worthy

Each one of us wants to be worthy in life. No one would like to be ignored or lack behind in life.
The question is how do we make ourselves worthy in this highly competitive environment?
There are many things that can make us worthy but here there are 3 WOR that I would like to stress on basis my experience.
Let’s dive straight in and look at them one at a time.

The first WOR is workout. People are highly focused on health as the cost of health care is high and keeping yourself healthy saves you a lot of time and money.
There are 2 aspects to Workout i.e. Physical & Mental workouts.
Physical Workouts
Physical workouts is all about eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis. While we all know that the balance of both gives us amazing health benefits but the shocking thing according to a popular website says that
53% Indians lack the discipline to stay fit
The reason for lack of discipline is lack of experience of experimenting with both the aspects of food and exercise.
This …

The D&I of Addiction

Let us start with a lovely quote on addiction.

Addiction isn't about substance - you aren't addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings.

Susan Cheever

Addiction is a habit that forms with repetitive action of getting used to something and then going
back to it again and again as soon as we find some free time. Slowly we tend to become a mental
slave to that something and then it becomes difficult to part away as it causes withdrawal symptoms
within us which is more frustrating and uneasy.

Here I won’t go into too much detail of the physical effects of Addiction but more on the mental
aspects of Addiction.

Various Addictions (Some are worth pondering on)

· Smoking
· Drinking Alcohol
· Drugs
· Mobile
· To be praised
· Too much money
· Too many material things
· To be given importance

While some of them can be seen, some of them are subtle in nature but they are forms of addiction

How does Addiction start?

Addiction starts …

The Social Life – A New Perspective

A life without being connected on social media can be a horrifying thought for anyone of us. As our life has got busier, the only way to stay connected is social media so being disconnected is just out of question.

Some of the social media apps or site that we access can be seen below. We may be using all or at least few of these almost everyday.

TwitterFacebookGoogle +InstagramWhatsAppLinkedInYouTubePinterest This almost covers all the social media that we may be connected on. However, even after being connected, we feel isolated and depressed.

Reason: All these take us external all the time and we keep finding ourselves with these associations but we keep losing energy instead.

Now What?

Do we stop being connected? Will this help? No, definitely not. I will never suggest you disconnect completely. Just make some small changes. You can use all of these apps even if you have been not using them until now.

Lets look at the new perspective now.


Tweet sounds like a voice of a bird…

Blue Whale Challenge - We are all victims

We all know about the blue whale game which is in discussion in the Media these days. It is a game with 50 challenges and finally leads to suicide.

It is quite disturbing to see the end results and it has been aiming at the youth mostly.

The game has 1 victim, 1 administrator and 50 challenges. That’s the characteristics of the game.

However the breaking news is: We are all the victims of this game.


Don’t be because this is the fact. Let’s explore a bit to understand.

The Human Connection

Let’s look at the 3 aspects involved in the game

· The Victim

· The Challenges

· The Administrator

The Victim

The Victim of the Blue Whale challenge is obviously the person playing the game and following instructions. It is seen that machines, computers and robots follow instructions. As humans we are suppose to give instructions and the machine should follow.

However times have changed as the real Blue Whale challenge has existed for many years and we have been following instructions …

A Short Story - Journey from INSAN to INSANE

This is your story, my story and everyone’s story that stays on planet earth.

The story of us humans and how did we reach where we are today which is a state of mind where we sometimes feel Insane.

So here it goes.

Long long ago, we arrived on a planet named earth.

The mountains were beautiful, with various shapes and sizes. Some even looked like animals.

The trees were green and full of fruits and vegetables.

The soil was very fertile and the natural resources like the sun, wind and water were used to generate energy.

The perfect world, isn’t it?

We all started with focus on I, i.e. myself. We were mentally so powerful that we could give a lot of love, happiness, peace to all without any expectation.

Our thoughts were so pure and powerful that even the NS, i.e. Natural Sources supported us in living a wonderful life.

Then, as Satan arrived in our lives AN entered, i.e. Arrogance and Negativity.

We were filled with EGO and started comparing.

We lost our real identity of I,…

Life – An IAS Exam

Life is an Exam, isn’t it? Too many issues, too many problems, relationships seem conflicting, managing work, home and many other responsibilities has become a big challenge.

Is there an end to this or will we die of pressure and stress?

IAS exam in India stands for Indian Administrative Services and is the toughest exam to crack. The reason is that as an IAS officer you get all the privileges of the Indian Government and have access to all the top officials. An exciting prospect, isn’t it? The pay is also good.

However we won’t speak about the exam for IAS officer but would look at our life instead.

IAS - the 3 most important letters of each one’s life which decides the course of the life. Let’s look at them one at a time.

I – Intent

Do we need intent for doing anything in life?


For being clean we have to brush, take bath, wear clean clothes, etc. Intent is what we want to do in life which is related to personal, professional or general life.

Intention can …

The story of 2 Frogs, which one are you?

It’s the rainy season once again in India. Some people like this season while some people hate this season. However this season has its own flavors.

In the rainy season you see many animals but the most famous is the FROG, so I thought of sharing 2 FROG stories with you.

The Frog of the Well

This is about a place called Sundertalab. The place is very beautiful with a lot of greenery all around, various trees big and small and a garden of variety colorful flowers. Red, White, Violet, Orange and many other colors can be seen. The best place about Sundertalab is that it’s filled with the fragrance of the flowers.

Even if a person comes to this place feeling tired or irritated, his mood will automatically change once the fragrance enters his nose and hits the pleasure point of his brain.

In between all this greenery is also a Well. This well is filled with clean water and has now become a home of a frog. However it was not his home always.

This Frog had a very good charact…