Things to consider during Performance Appraisal

A wonderful tool called feedback, which is now integrated as part of our
performance management has been into existence for a long time.
It is seen that feedback in the corporate world is usually given by the
manager to his team member. Since feedback is given in a session, it also
enables the employee and his manager to meet up for a discussion and
also a cup of tea sometimes.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is a conversion between 2 people which leads to a certain end
result which is expected to be achieved. As it’s given by a Manager to his
team member so it can be assumed that the Manager is more responsible
and knowledgeable than the team member who could be at a junior level.
Feedback given on time can lead to the goal being achieved at the right

Who is a Manager?

I am sure that you must have watched the serial Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu
Thi. In the same way, we can say that even the Manager was once a team
member. The reason to strain on this is because many times when the
Manager achieves the position he may tend to forget the past and try to be
very authoritative in nature. This sometimes leads to a conflict of thinking
between the Manager and the team members. Now if we break the word
Manager it would sound like Manage Resources or Man Age Resource. It
simply means that he is a Man who has to deal with people of different age
groups who are in the form of resources to achieve the team goal.

Who is a Team Member?

A team member can be either a Male or a Female, Experienced or
Fresher, Trained or Untrained. In short we can look at our hand and say
that there are 5 fingers, not all are of the same height or same width but
when they come together it makes a hand which we use for work. Every
finger is as important. If we look at each team member with this outlook
then team bonding becomes easier.

Is your feedback backing up or pushing back?

I am sure you must have gone through feedback at some point in your life.
We all start somewhere and then move up the ladder. Our personality gets
developed on our past experiences and the way we are brought up. We
tend to get both Negative and Positive feedback. What we do with it is what
enhances our growth in life.
Giving feedback is not wrong but the way we give it makes the difference.
We all have team goals to achieve and everyone needs to work together to
achieve it but in life and workplace, you will always find that one person
who may not agree with your style of working. The reason can be either
the person could not have understood the criticality of the goal or it can be
due to a past experience.
It has been seen that no one is ready to accept that they are weak, even
though they would be.
Speaking only about the weaknesses can demoralize the enthusiasm on
the team member. The best way to give feedback is to first
appreciate what is good in him/her because everyone is born with
some qualities. Then add by saying that if you can just add this then
it will enhance your personality and improve our bonding which will
lead to achieving the team goal.
I am sure, we all watched the movie LAGAAN. Amir Khan knew what each
one was good at and used it to perfection to create a team. The same way
if we know the good, then we can appreciate that first, explain the goal and
create togetherness so that it creates a win-win situation.
Definitely, not an easy thing to do as it requires patience but if you are able
to align all your team members and help them enhance their personalities
then believe me that you have fans for life.

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