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This E is more dangerous than EBOLA virus

I am sure that many of us who are connected with the world through

Television, Newspaper or Electronic Media would have heard about

EBOLA virus which causes high fever and sometimes even death.

Well here I wont be discussing about EBOLA because there is something

more dangerous which is within and around us and sometimes the

symptoms cant be even detected.

Let’s look at a story to understand more.
The Story of Five Fingers In today's world we are all influenced by each other and each one wants to

feel powerful. These five fingers were no different. Even they wanted to be

powerful in their own ways and had a lot of pride in their skills.

So the debate started between them while a person looked on.

The thumb said, I am big because I provide the grip to the hand. Without

me the hand is useless.

The index finger said, rubbish, I am big because I point upwards to GOD.

People use me to show GOD.

The middle finger said, I am big boss because I am used to apply tilak on

the head b…

This WIFI is the Real WIFI

This is the common question that anyone asks each other in digital age and if you say no then be prepared for the comments.

What? You don’t have WIFI. You must be joking.

Connectivity has become to important these days that we require WIFI even at home.

When WIFI did not exist

Now lets go back a little in the history and look at how life was before WIFI.
We woke up in the morning to alarm bells and not whatsapp message We tried to remember what we had to do for the day and not check who liked or commented on our pictures on facebook Once we reached home we tried to relax and disconnect Dinner time was with family and not with mobile We ate food and had family discussions not whatsapp conversations
Life has changed, isn't it?

Current Scenario

Can we say that these days the full form of WIFI can be said as Whatsapp Important Facebook Important. Atleast that is how we have become even at our homes.

STD calls may have dropped but Stress, Tension and Depression has …