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Things to consider during Performance Appraisal

A wonderful tool called feedback, which is now integrated as part of our performance management has been into existence for a long time. It is seen that feedback in the corporate world is usually given by the manager to his team member. Since feedback is given in a session, it also enables the employee and his manager to meet up for a discussion and also a cup of tea sometimes. What is Feedback? Feedback is a conversion between 2 people which leads to a certain end result which is expected to be achieved. As it’s given by a Manager to his team member so it can be assumed that the Manager is more responsible and knowledgeable than the team member who could be at a junior level. Feedback given on time can lead to the goal being achieved at the right time. Who is a Manager? I am sure that you must have watched the serial Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. In the same way, we can say that even the Manager was once a team member. The reason to strain on this is because many times when the Manager achieve…

Why Learning Is So Hard And What You Can Do About It?

I don’t know how many of you remember these 3 letters IIN which, were heard or seen everywhere
in India. There were many TV ads and also radio commercials that were on air.

For those who don’t remember, look at the picture below and you may just remember.

As time goes by and new commercials/ads start to appear on Television we tend to forget the old
ads. I am not promoting Idea Internet Network here but trying to make a point.

Let’s look at the video below and you may just get a clue of what I am trying to say.

I hope you got the message. For those who did not still understand, let me clarify. The ad above shows that the guy wants to start a business but is unaware of how to do it. His friend refers him to IIN and he keeps learning and starts his own business.
What I liked about the ads though is that they were promoting Learning. 

We start off at school as kids and hate studies, waiting to get out of school and into college. Then finally we finish studies and get onto our jobs. As …

Why You Need to Stop saying I Can't and Start saying I Can

A word we all would have used at least sometimes in our lives “CAN’T”. Using this word simply means I am unable to do this work/task. The question here is Why can’t?Are we born with this attitude?Do we develop this attitude?Can we do something to change this attitude early in life?
The simple answer is that we are not born with it. We develop this attitude over a period of time. So how does this happen? As kids, when someone asks us to do something, what’s our first reaction, “I will do it” or “I can do it”. Children respond with their hearts and not with their minds. As we grow, a new story starts to build. The attitude slowly changes from I CAN to I

Understanding Knowledge the way it is

We have read a lot about the term KNOWLEDGE in our schools, colleges, universities and even when we work or do business we hear this term.

Is it important to be Knowledgeful? I am sure many of you would say yes and some could even disagree if they did not know what’s the importance of this term?

Let’s look at a few questions first

1) Is information and knowledge the same?
2) Should I have knowledge related to my work only?
3) Why should I gain knowledge as people who have just done schooling are good 

These are questions that need clarification before we move ahead.

Information & Knowledge – The difference

Information and knowledge look like the same but they are definitely different. Information is everywhere & available in abundance. How much of that you put to work is what is called Knowledge.

Knowledge Related to Work