Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The 3 A’s of any Relationship

Will you love me always?

Will you care for me always?

Will you be there for me when I need you?

Each one of us is finding answers to these questions in any relationship. They are the crux of the Relationship.

A short story to define one of the aspects

A business executive was deep in debt and could see no way out. Creditors were closing in on him. Suppliers were demanding payment. He sat on the park bench, head in hands, wondering if anything could save his company from bankruptcy.

Suddenly an old man appeared before him. “I can see that something is troubling you,” he said. After listening to the executive’s woes, the old man said, “I believe I can help you.” He asked the man his name, wrote out a check, and pushed it into his hand saying, “Take this money. Meet me here exactly one year from today, and you can pay me back at that time.” Then he turned and disappeared as quickly as he had come.

The business executive saw in his hand a check for $500,000, signed by John D. Rockefeller, then one of the richest men in the world! “I can erase my money worries in an instant!” he realized. But instead, the executive decided to put the un-cashed check in his safe. Just knowing it was there might give him the strength to work out a way to save his business, he thought.

With renewed optimism, he negotiated better deals and extended terms of payment. He closed several big sales. Within a few months, he was out of debt and making money once again. Exactly one year later, he returned to the park with the un-cashed check. At the agreed-upon time, the old man appeared. But just as the executive was about to hand back the check and share his success story, a nurse came running up and grabbed the old man.

“I’m so glad I caught him!” she cried. “I hope he hasn’t been bothering you. He’s always escaping from the rest home and telling people he’s John D. Rockefeller. ” And she led the old man away by the arm. The astonished executive just stood there, stunned. All year long he’d been wheeling and dealing, buying and selling, convinced he had half a million dollars behind him.

Suddenly, he realized that it wasn’t the money, real or imagined, that had turned his life around. It was his new found self-confidence that gave him the power to achieve anything he went after.

The Real Aspect

Stories are usually inspired from life incidences. As humans we need interaction and companionship of people. We cannot be with anyone 24x7 but there is something which is actually keeping us connected with each other.

The 3 A’s are the reason that despite of the different likes, dislikes, cultures, languages we still continue to be connected with each other.

What the story spoke about

We see a man in debt which for him is a desperate situation. Suddenly he gets some help from somewhere in form of a cheque with a lot of money. Though he does not use the money, just the thought of having it drives him to work again and achieve success. At the end though, he realizes that it was just a thought and not for real.

What a Shock that was in the end but at least for 1 year it worked as a security.

The 3 A’s

A’s sounds like ACE which means number 1 isn’t it? If we can give and get this 3 A’s in life then I am sure that life in relationships would be much easier.


Any relationship starts with the first A. The first A is very important for any relationship and that’s what the man in the story also had. He had the assurance of the cheque in case he falters in his business. In life also, we are all connected with each other in Relationships.

· We don’t stay with each other 24x7
· We move abroad for study or work
· We travel for work to various places for many days
· We are unwell and hospitalized sometimes
· We feel low, uneasy and upset

What is the common factor of strength in all the situations?

The Assurance in the mind, that there is someone to count upon when we are in need.

This drives us in life to do everything we do, daily.


Many people hate this word when we use it in relationships. Attitude is mostly considered to be a negative word by many. However, attitude is the way you respond to a situation. It can be negative or it can be positive. Attitude defines the way your relationship will shape up.

The real test of Attitude happens when

· We have difference of Opinion
· We have a fight
· When both the parties want to dominate

There can be many more situations in a relationship but these are the common ones.

· Difference of Opinion (Acceptance)
· Fight (One should go silent)
· Domination (One has to accept defeat or accept distance)
We have the right to choose our attitude. Oops Sorry, our response I meant.


Acceptance is a big word in a relationship. Just by saying, “I accept you the way you are” does not solve the problem. Saying and actually proving it by your actions are 2 different things.

Acceptance is required when

· Someone commits a mistake
· Someone has a fight but apologizes immediately
· Someone is feeling low

Relationships are like the SHIP which go through their storms but it’s all about standing by each other in tough times and sailing through the journey of life.

When life comes to a standstill, use A’s as Anchor to be grounded.

When life goes through misunderstanding, use A’s as Alterations to match up.

When life is very nice and perfect, use A’s as Appreciation to motivate each other.

Finally I would close this by saying that though we like sharing things with Humans

Do give some time to even GOD each day as he assures us, has a positive attitude towards us and accepts us all the time.
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