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7 reasons why dogs can be man's best friend

We are all social animals so there is definitely a need to socialize and mingle around with another person or a group of people for exchange of ideas, emotions, actions, etc. Though we have many friends at various places like work, home, in the park, in the market, etc. but there is still a wave of emptiness which is blowing through the human world. Everyone is so busy with their smart phones these days that they don’t even have the time to look up.

Let’s look at the funny side. We don’t bow in front of anyone but we all bow in front of our smartphone. Imagine a non-living thing is more powerful than a human being. Well, so we were speaking about having friends but still being lonely. This wave of loneliness hit the foreign countries before and now it’s taking its toll on India. So what happens when people are in problem? In movies we see that a super hero like Superman, Batman, etc. come to the rescue and save us. Now since super heroes are fictional characters which are only in movie…

Tips to make your relationship chocolaty

I was eating gems this morning after a very long time and thinking why I love gems? The small and colorful round shaped chocolates are so delicious to eat. The colors just attract me towards this sweet little chocolate. Even if they are a little broken, I would still eat them. The price is also so less that you can keep eating loads of it and still not get bored. The word BFF (Best Friends Forever) on the cover and the colorful packaging makes eating gems more delightful. Wish even our relationships could be as delightful as eating gems. This thought just got me diving deep into a thought process and I just realized that it may just be possible with some effort. Everyone is sweet These gems are inexpensive but human life is very precious. Everyone is an emotional being and is filled with some qualities. Everyone has a USP of his/her own. USP here is not being referred to a marketing term but it means that all are Unique Special Persons. There has to be some quality in people which ma…

The Super-Man of daily Life - A Woman

Looks like a superwoman EH! We see a lot of women giving
competition to the men these days with their styles, attitudes and their self confidence. I am sure that sometimes the men must be feeling insecure about their stature in society. Well, we are not looking to compare the two as both have their own importance in the society but trying the show the other side of the Woman. They have been called the weaker sex for many decades now but that it changing rapidly with Woman taking on senior positions in corporate offices. Their ability to multi task makes them special. Without woman in their lives the men seem to sometimes look at bit unorganized as far as home and life is concerned. A Woman plays many roles like Mother, Wife, Sister, etc. who keeps guiding us in the journey of our lives and stand by us in the hard times. They are very smart and innovative at times. The best example is my mother. When I don’t love eating a particular food, she will find ways to make it in a different way…