Thursday, 24 March 2016

7 reasons why dogs can be man's best friend

We are all social animals so there is definitely a need to socialize and mingle around with another person or a group of people for exchange of ideas, emotions, actions, etc. Though we have many friends at various places like work, home, in the park, in the market, etc. but there is still a wave of emptiness which is blowing through the human world. Everyone is so busy with their smart phones these days that they don’t even have the time to look up.

Let’s look at the funny side. We don’t bow in front of anyone but we all bow in front of our smartphone. Imagine a non-living thing is more powerful than a human being. Well, so we were speaking about having friends but still being lonely. This wave of loneliness hit the foreign countries before and now it’s taking its toll on India. So what happens when people are in problem? In movies we see that a super hero like Superman, Batman, etc. come to the rescue and save us. Now since super heroes are fictional characters which are only in movies, out come’s a super friend to rescue us from this loneliness.
Any guesses who this friend is?

Some Characteristics of this friend

  1. He only wants your love
  2. He listens to you patiently
  3. He keeps you fit
  4. He can bring your stress levels down
  5. He looks different but feelings are the same
  6. He protects you
  7. He does not eat too much

Well I am sure you would have guessed by now. If you have not guessed until now then keep reading and I am sure you will know.

I have seen him in an avatar of even a traffic police. When we ride our cars or bikes very fast or suddenly break then he alerts us immediately by shouting at us. He can’t see us unsafe. If he sees or feels something suspicious around us then he immediately alerts us. He even acts like a soldier on the country border. In our case he guard’s our house when we are sleeping.

Now this clue would have given you an idea that I am speaking of man’s best friend, DOG. I am sure that anyone of you who has a dog will agree with the above points. What an amazing animal! The kind of advantages that we have with this friend around us is simply amazing. I don’t even feel like calling dog an animal as he sometimes takes care of us more than even humans.

Let’s look at the characteristics a little briefly
  •   He only wants your love

There is no need to prove this. He knows when you go out and when you come back. Be, rest assured that he is more excited to receive you in the evening and is waiting to come and move around you. Doesn’t it feel nice when he does that? I am sure you love it.
  • He listens to you patiently

We all go through our mood swings and sometimes humans don’t tend to understand our feeling. Be rest assured that your dog can listen to you patiently for hours as all he needs is your attention.
  • He keeps you fit

With smartphones and televisions keeping us busy all the time, we find ourselves very indoors but with a dog around, you will not be able to sit indoors. Dogs love to go out but they need company. They will ensure that you are out with them for a walk or a run.
  • He can bring your stress levels down

It has been said that dogs can bring our stress levels down. You must be thinking how. Imagine when you are angry and upset. He will come to you and move around your legs. He will try to lick you and try to entertain you. I bet you can’t escape these small things which moves you away from the negative emotion and brings you back to a positive frame of mind at least for that moment.
  • He looks different but feelings are the same

He has four legs, tail, big teeth and furry skin. This is all the difference. Otherwise you will see the dog barking (us shouting), eating, entertaining and sometimes even crying. He has one quality which has decreased in us over a period of time. That value is faithfulness. He is faithful to his master.
  • He protects you

Our family members protect us while we are with them but they have only five senses. Somehow a dog has sixth sense. He can immediately sense any danger and alerts us. Dangers like a thief trying to break into the house or someone trying to follow us with wrong intentions. I have even seen dogs sensing the earthquake before it comes. The dogs in the last have even saved families by taking them to places of safety while everything around them fell down.
  • He does not eat too much

He will eat what you give him with love. You will never find dogs fussing on foods. He also has a bowl with fixed amount of food that fits in. He eats less but delivers more. He is just like another family member and eats with a lot of love.

The different roles of a Dog

Can be an able support for a disabled person
Can be a member of the bomb squad
Can be a baby sitter while the lady works in the house

Can be your shopping partner
Can be your companion for long walks
Can be your fitness trainer

To wrap it up I would say that Dog is indeed man’s best friend and having a dog around is definitely a boon. In many houses though, dogs are not allowed as pets but don’t worry as you will find plenty of them on the roads and even they like to be feeded and loved.

Believe me, you will see how much attention you get even when you go past the stray dog whom you love.

These were my thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this.



Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Tips to make your relationship chocolaty

I was eating gems this morning after a very long time and thinking why I love gems? The small and colorful round shaped chocolates are so delicious to eat. The colors just attract me towards this sweet little chocolate. Even if they are a little broken, I would still eat them. The price is also so less that you can keep eating loads of it and still not get bored. The word BFF (Best Friends Forever) on the cover and the colorful packaging makes eating gems more delightful.
Wish even our relationships could be as delightful as eating gems. This thought just got me diving deep into a thought process and I just realized that it may just be possible with some effort.
Everyone is sweet
These gems are inexpensive but human life is very precious. Everyone is an emotional being and is filled with some qualities. Everyone has a USP of his/her own. USP here is not being referred to a marketing term but it means that all are Unique Special Persons. There has to be some quality in people which make them special. Over a period of time we have been so used to looking at the weaknesses that we have forgotten to look at the strengths of the people. If we can only start looking and appreciating the strengths of each other, then our relationships can be much sweeter.
Everyone is Colorful

Every human being is colorful in their own sense. Each one has their own nature, likes, dislikes, needs, way of expression, way of dressing up, etc. This is what makes us different and colorful. Some of the characteristics are influenced by the innate qualities of the soul and the others are influenced by our upbringing, friend circle, surroundings and the information we consume. The caste, color, language, dressing, etc may be different but we all laugh, cry and go through the same human’s emotions. We are different but still the same. Finally everyone wants 2 things i.e. Love and Appreciation. Both these aspects are important to each one.
Everyone is a little broken
All of us go through the hardships or struggles in life. The reaction may vary though. Someone was ignored as a child (mostly in case of a girl child), someone was lonely due to their looks, their financial status, someone suffered losses in business, someone lost a job, someone went through an emotional downfall, someone lost loved ones early, etc. I am sure that everyone has gone through something which makes trusting people or facing situations in different ways. We will never know their story unless we know them really well. We are all a part of the same society so respecting each other and trying to accommodate and understand people is of utmost importance.
Everyone is a part of BFF
In a lot of conferences held in the world everyone speaks of brotherhood and oneness. Brotherhood has also been spoken about in many religious books, prayers, Independence Day celebrations of various countries, pledges, etc. The leaders have also spoken on brotherhood but we still see the countries ready with their nuclear power, ready to attack at any movement from another country. We as individuals are jealous of each other to the core. No one wants to help each other and part away or share their knowledge or experiences. As if it was something we brought at birth and will take away when we die.
Life is all about sharing knowledge, happiness and joys. Wealth is needed by all but sharing the other things will not lessen it in your armory. In fact it will make your life more fuller. If we can just be in the BFF (Big Family Feeling) and look at everyone as a family member then the earth would be a better place to live and we would not need a peace conference. It’s the responsibility of each one of us to contribute.
Everyone is a part of the Package
All of us are sweet, colorful, a little broken, part of BFF and also in a round package called EARTH. I just appeal each one to pray for each other and also for our environment as we are indebted to the
resources that we are using to keep ourselves alive and moving in this life.
Hoping that putting these tips to use can make our relationships more Chocolaty.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Super-Man of daily Life - A Woman

Looks like a superwoman EH! We see a lot of women giving
competition to the men these days with their styles, attitudes and their self confidence. I am sure that sometimes the men must be feeling insecure about their stature in society. Well, we are not looking to compare the two as both have their own importance in the society but trying the show the other side of the Woman.
They have been called the weaker sex for many decades now but that it changing rapidly with Woman taking on senior positions in corporate offices. Their ability to multi task makes them special. Without woman in their lives the men seem to sometimes look at bit unorganized as far as home and life is concerned.
A Woman plays many roles like Mother, Wife, Sister, etc. who keeps guiding us in the journey of our lives and stand by us in the hard times. They are very smart and innovative at times. The best example is my mother. When I don’t love eating a particular food, she will find ways to make it in a different way and ensure she feeds it to me as she knows the importance of the nutrient that food contains. A lot of women would also be doing the same with their husbands.
None of the description above looks like that of Superman but the picture looks similar. Yes it is. I had a few thoughts which draw a comparison between Superman and Woman. Here we go



She can make you fly (Inspires you when down)

He can fly

She feeds good food which makes men strong

He is strong by eating good healthy food

She prays for your goodwill

He spreads goodwill on basis of the prayer

She is unaffected by Crip (Cripple) Ton (Many Times) i.e. she fights back even after being hurt several times.

He is affected and becomes powerless by Krypton i.e. his Ego hurts easily and makes him aggressive.

She gives birth and nurtures kids

He can save kids but not nurture them

Well, the above points may give a feel good factor to the woman but it’s a way to understand the importance of a woman in life and give her the love and respect that she deserves. This is how I feel but if you ask me, in many cases the woman don’t have the same feel good factor about them-selves. They are very powerful human beings. It’s all about recognizing her own inner powers and standing up for herself.

I would like to share a short story below which will make the woman feel her worth and realize that she just needs to accept herself as mentally strong and brilliant at handling any situation.

Women are SMART – A Short Story
Once there was a woman who lived with her husband in the village. She loved her husband a lot and would always feed him good food and take care of the house with all her heart. She was a very brilliant lady but was not too confident of herself as she was not too expressive.
Something was stressing her recently i.e. her husband had started drinking alcohol and used to fight with her always. She tried to tell him many times to leave the habit but he just won’t listen. She
wanted to do something quickly which can get her husband leave the habit of alcohol quickly. Her neighbor learnt about the problem and suggested the lady to go to her guru who could give her some medicine.
The next day she was off to the guru who heard the entire thing very patiently. He suggested that she get the nails of the lion which can be used to make the medicine for the alcohol addiction. He said that it is a difficult task as the lion is ferocious but she agreed.
She went back home and started thinking what can be done? Just then an idea stuck her mind and she implemented the same. She used to make chicken each day and leave it in the jungle. She would then hide and see the lion come and eat it. This went on for many days.
One day, she added some medicine to the chicken and kept it in the jungle. Like every day the lion came and ate the chicken. This time the lion fainted after he had the chicken due to the medicine in the chicken. She slowly went near the lion, cut the nails and brought it to the guru.
When she gave the nails to the Guru, the Guru said something which surprised the lady. He said, when you can trick the lion into eating food and empowering him then you can do the same even
with your husband. Think of a way in which you can convince him or give him the medicine so that he can get rid of the habit.
Moral: A Woman is a human being with Multiple ideas hence she is good at multi tasking. All she needs is, to understand her real self and stand for herself.
This story is only an example of knowing your real power and not using it for undue reasons because we are also backed up by the law of karma which can backfire on us.
GOD will always support us in the good cause because even he wants all of us to lead a healthy and happy life, free of the things which are destroying our bodies in the long term.
I would just conclude by saying that the world needs your inner powers for transformation so please awaken yourself and be stronger. You are not weak anymore.
Wishing all the WOMEN of the world


May you always be in the zone of Self Respect, Love, Peace and Prosperity.
What do you have to say to this?